Discover & Library

Discover and add content to your library


The "Discover" section on a Falkor app shows you the content that is available to you.

Watch | Read | Listen

Discover can contain only eLearning stories, or a combination of video streams (WATCH content), Learning stories (READ content), and audio stream (LISTEN to content).

My Library & My Stories

When you open new content for the first time, it is automatically added to your library (the section called My Library or My Stories - depending on your Falkor app type).

In My Library it is also possible to view available content in the following categories: Stories > e-Learning stories Articles > content articles / posts Assessments > quizzes / tests Surveys > survey-type questionnaires

In the READ section (story content), you will see the following options: START > open a story for the first time CONTINUE > open a story you have already started COMPLETED > view or re-do a story you have already completed