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First things first...

You can access an app in 3 different ways:

  1. Web app (e.g. for desktop or when using the browser on your phone);

  2. Android app (install from GooglePlay);

  3. Apple app (download from App Store).

The main difference between a public and private app is that a public app sign-up does not require an activation code. For Apple users, a private app is only accessible via a privately distributed download link.

Users invited to a public app will need to sign up using the email address that was invited.

App Account Activation (2.4+)

Public apps can be accessed by signing up to the app, or by receiving an email invite.

Step 1: You get an email invite to a platform app OR you get the app from an app store and then sign up to create an account.

Step 2: On a desktop/browser, the app will open. On a phone or tablet, you will be prompted to install/download for Apple or Android.

Step 3: Install the app.

Step 5: Choose a password & complete your profile. If you were invited, sign up using the email address that the invite was sent to, else simply enter your preferred profile details.

Private apps are by invite-only; the account setup process is the same, but users will need to use a unique activation code that was emailed when they were invited to the app.

Android users can find the public app on Google Play, and Apple users can find the app on the App Store. To access, simply sign up.

Access an app on your desktop / browser

Where to get the app: This could be from your invite email, from a link provided, or from an app store. Contact your account admin if you're not sure where to get the app. Activation code: If you got an invite email, use the activation code. Complete your profile: Create a password & complete your profile. Login: Use your credentials to login & get going.

You can save a platform app to your desktop. Here's how.

Install a web app

A web app opens in your browser. If you are on a desktop device, you will automatically be directed to the web app. The first time you open the app in your browser, you may be prompted to save the app to your computer. This creates an app shortcut on your desktop or device.

You can also choose the web app option from your welcome email.

You can also access the web app directly via a link if it is shared with you. A link will usually look something like this, e.g. or

It is also possible to manually install the app on your desktop via the browser settings.

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