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App User Help
Having trouble with your platform app? You've come to the right place!

Let's get to the bottom of this...

We recommend starting with some troubleshooting.

Contact Your App Support

Each app comes with a Help & Support link in the Accounts section of the app.
Tap "Account", then tap on "Help & Support" This will either reveal a support contact name & email address, or it will redirect you to a website where you can reach out and get app support.

Can't get the app?

App Download
Activation & Password
Device Compatible?
Can't download the app? Have a look at the app install & access FAQs. If you can't spot your issue, contact your account Support Agent for assistance.
Trouble activating or creating your user account? Can't log in? Look no further.
If your device seems to freeze or content does not load, this may be related to your device or browser either being incompatible or not up-to-date. Go here and try steps to fix the issue.

How to setup your account/app

Have a look at the videos showing how to get the app on various devices.

Help! Apple wants me to "Trust" something

For private apps, Apple adds an extra layer of security by asking users to trust the developer account that has published the app.