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Installing & accessing platform apps and content

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Can't download or open the app

If you can't download an app, please check if any of the below conditions apply to you:

Android User:

Apple User:

All Users:

App or content not loading

If you are struggling to install an app or access content...Try This!

Tried everything? Please submit an App Debug Report.

Add web app to Apple iOS Home Screen

To install the Progressive Web App (PWA) on your Apple device (mobile, desktop or tablet), you need to be using the Safari browser when accessing the app link.

How to add a platform app to your home screen & create an app shortcut:

  1. Open the app link, e.g.

  2. If it is detected that you are on an Apple device, you will be prompted to "Install App".

  3. Tap the send icon and then select "Add to Home Screen"

  4. On the next screen, confirm the action by selecting "Add"

  5. The app icon will be saved to your device's home screen

If a non-Apple browser is being used on an Apple device, the device detection will not work and the PWA (web app) can not be installed.

Remove stories from your app

To remove stories on the "My Stories" / "My Library" section of your app, select the settings icon (to edit) and remove the stories you no longer want to see here.

Downloaded stories

Download for Offline Stories can be downloaded to your device. This will allow offline story access.

Story Access Removed If your story access is revoked, the downloaded story will be removed from your library.

This will happen automatically when there is a connection available or when the story updates check is run (every minute or so).

Offline story progress is saved to your device & is only synced with the platform when you are online.

App not available in your country

When platform apps are released, they are often only made available in specific countries.

If you receive the following message: "This item is not available in your country", please contact your account support to request access.

App screen frozen

If your app has frozen or you are unable to continue, please try one of the following approaches:

  • Close and re-start the app

  • Log out and login again

  • Ask your Agent to report the issue

Signing up on a public app

If a platform app has been made public (has a sign-up option), you will be able to create an account without being invited to join.

If you are a user who signs up:

  1. You will have access to stories that have been made publicly available on that app.

  2. You can still be invited to join private stories.

Invites & activation codes

When you are given access to a platform app and/or story, you will receive an invitation email and activation code.

Invites expire after 3 days, meaning that anyone who has been invited must activate their account within 3 days. If not, the Activation Code will expire.

If your Activation Code has expired, you can use the "Request a New One" option to get a new code.

Account activation reminders are sent to users who have not activated their account within 1.5 days. Only one reminder is sent.

How big is the app?

A platform app is approximately 17MB. This is a once-off download.

If you want to download and save stories to your device for offline access, you're looking at under 100MB per story.

How big are stories?

Stories are limited to 100MB, and the average story is 20-30MB.

The more stories you save for offline access, the more space the app will need on your device.

Save stories for offline access

To access stories, you need an internet connection. If you want to, you can download stories for offline reading.

Note: Stories are downloaded to your device. If you switch devices, you will need to re-download stories for that device.

Remove stories from your app

To remove stories on the "My Stories" / "My Library" section of your app, select the settings icon (top right) and remove the stories you no longer want to see here.

Can't see a story

If you can't see a story on your app (and know you are supposed to have access to that story), contact your account support.

Please also have a look here.

Location sharing

When creating your user account, you will be asked to share your location.

If you are viewing the app from a desktop or web browser (Progressive Web App), then this options is only available if you enable location sharing on your device.

When you are invited to join a platform app, it means that you have been granted access to a private story that is available on an Invite-only, private app.

Slow app or video loading time

If the story, app, or video you are trying to open is taking a long time to load, you may need to check your device storage & capacity. Specifically, if you are on a lower-end device, there is only limited memory (storage and RAM) that can be allocated to run your app and provide a smooth experience.

Other factors that could contribute to video issues include: other apps that are running and eating into your device capacity, bad device codecs, or memory limit for apps set by the device manufacturer.

If your connection is slow, loading time may also be slow. On slow connections, the first load may take a long time, but when returning again later on a slow connection, the load time may be faster due to the device cache or the network cache.

Can't download or install a story

If a story is not installing or seems to be stuck, please try the following:

  • Close the app completely and re-open it then try installing the story again.

  • Open the app, select the settings icon (top right) to open the library manager, and remove the story you are struggling with. Go to the app dashboard and try installing again.

  • Ensure that your device has not run out of space, causing the install to pause.

If issues persist, you can send a debug report. This can be done via the app by going to Account > Send Debug Report.

App onboarding (Guided Tour) keeps coming up

The guided tour should only display the first time you are logging in or if you log in from a new device.

If you have installed the web app, you may need to clear your cache in order to solve the issue of the guided tour repeating. Follow these steps:

Step 1 Open the web app and uninstall (click the options icon and select uninstall <appname>) Step 2 Navigate to the web app link, e.g. Step 3 Re-install the web app by using the install prompt, or doing so manually

Need help installing a web app to your device? Read this.

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