What is a Falkor App

About the Falkor app & platform

Good question.

Falkor is a digital learning platform.

Companies who subscribe to the platform get their own Falkor app to make available to their audience - lovely people like you.

Types of Falkor apps

A Falkor app can be made available for Android, Apple and/or web users.

The app can either be Private (invite-only), or Public (anyone can sign up).‌

If you need access to a private app, contact the app administrator for assistance.

App & platform updates

The Falkor platform is regularly updated as new features are added and improvements and fixes are made.

When there's a new version, you will receive an email and/or push notification, prompting you to update.

Web/desktop users will automatically see the update, Android users' app will auto-update (if auto-update is enabled), and Apple users will need to follow the download link (or download on the App Store if the app is available there).‌